About me

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Steven and I like coding websites and software in my free time. I'm currently doing an apprenticeship in application development with Microsoft's Net framework in C#. My programming skills include web development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript in the frontend and NodeJS, PHP, CGI (C++), ASP.NET or Java, on the backend. On the frontend, I'm using the latest technology like React, Vue, and Angular to program awesome websites and web apps.

I started coding at the age of 13, where I created my first own Minecraft server. If you weren't able to program plugins with the Bukkit API in Java, you had to download plugins from others and so you had to download a bunch of plugins that have also interfered with each other and caused some performance issues and bad customizability. So I started learning Java in YouTube tutorials and if it was a bit difficult in the beginning, I mastered it quite well then.

When you have your own Minecraft server, you had to have a few other things such as a website or Teamspeak, so I started learning HTML and CSS also with YouTube tutorials. After I gained some experience in web development, I started learning PHP for the backend of the website. I bought some great books for PHP and JavaScript and learned my first backend applications with PHP and animations with JavaScript.

However, if you program things, you have to host them somewhere. I decided to rent a Virtual Private Server (VPS) where you have an own operating system such as Linux distributions like Debian or Ubuntu or Windows, but Windows was never an option because Windows VPS' were a lot more expensive than VPS' with Linux. So I gained my first experience with the Linux distribution Debian and installed a whole Minecraft network and a web server and a Teamspeak server on it. I rebuilt my Minecraft server several times because I never was satisfied with it.

Three years later, I'm hosting my own mail server, web server and a few Minecraft servers on my server, coding a lot of websites, apps, programs, and even a few basic games. Programming really became my passion although I never was good in math. And because of programming, I had to read and watch a lot of English content at home and began to love English, so I moved from a D in year eight to an A in my final grade certificate. But not only due to coding, but also through my divine English teacher to whom you also can be thankful because she endowed me a CSS and Python book, from which I improved my CSS skills to make this nearly beautiful website and learned Python for Artificial Intelligence.

So that's a part of the recent three years to four years. Thank you for reading this long text.

Disclaimer: If you find Typos, you can keep em :)