Welcome to my website! My name is Steven, I'm a web and software developer and if you want to know more about me just check out the About Me page.

About Me

MY Skills


I'm able to create awesome websites with the power of the latest techniques like React, Gatsby, GraphQL and more. I'm coding websites with Facebook's React Libary and Gatsby. Thereby I can easialy transform the website into a native mobile app. I'm using both NodeJs and PHP as backend servers to create functionality behind the user interface.

Hosting Advice

If you're new in this sector, it's especially hard to pick the right hosting company. I have about 3 years of expericene in the hosting area so contact me and I'll recommend you the best hosting for your projects need.


For my websites and basically anything I'm using a VPS which gives me much customizeablillty of all my services. I'm familiar with Linux administration on Debian and Ubuntu. On my VPS I host a free website hosting service where everyone can get a free website and free, custom email addresses with high privacy and friendly support.